Nokomis: Keys and three bays: No longer offered....
This tour is an easy one, yet offers more to see in a
few miles than most tours in the area.  

We launch in Nokomis at the southern end of Casey Key.
This is a very scenic area, with excellent opportunities
to see fishing boats, yachts, and sailboats passing
through the Inlet to enter the Gulf of Mexico.

The Venice Inlet is also a great place to fish,
and you'll see people of all ages trying their
luck.  We launch just to the east, in calm water.

We enter at the North Jetty and paddle northeast,
circling around several small keys which are
frequented by sheepshead, snook, redfish, and
many other types of fish. You may see manatee,
dolphin, the occasional stingray, or jelly-fish as
well as a large variety of birdlife. Great Blue Herons,
brown pelicans, anhinga, cormorants, Snowy Egrets, osprey, White Egrets, gulls, Tri-color
herons, and other varieties live here.

While paddling around the keys, we'll see red and black mangrove trees and learn how they
shelter fish and protect their claim on the area. Depending on the wind and boat traffic, water
visibility is usually very good here and you'll see how different species interact. We'll pass by
Lyons Bay and see how many types of birds are feeding in the shallows.

We stop briefly at Snake Island (there are
no snakes) so you can stretch your legs, and
explore this bit of paradise. The views are great no matter where you are on the island, and
it's a popular place to wade in the water, cook a meal, or to spend a few hours if you've been
on the water a while. Some people just rest, birdwatch, look for dolphins, and watch the tide
come in and out.

We move on and head into Donna Bay, then continue around another mangrove key to
birdwatch and learn how oyster beds form. These beds can restrict the boating around the
scores of multi-million dollar estates here, but we have no problem kayaking here.

The tour is packed with things to see and people from 6 on up will have plenty to interest

The tour begins in a Sarasota County Park. If you are interested in the tour, please call to
reserve a time and to arrange payment
before heading for the park. You can reserve your
tour at the
Payments page.

We launch from the
east parking lot at the very end of South Casey Key Rd. in Nokomis.
Call 941-960-5505 if you need help with directions.

After the tour, you can get something to eat or drink at the
North Jetty Fish Camp - just next
to the Canoe and Kayak launch area.
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