Here are some testimonials by students after their  3 hour lesson. Comments about  the tours follow
afterwards. There are many more reviews on Facebook at "Easy Kayaking: Lessons andTours", and we are
also rated as"Excellent" on Tripadvisor.  
What a great class! Instruction was personalized and very helpful. Great people and a lot of fun!
Carla H.

"Hi Terry,
Yesterdays's kayaking lesson transcended my expectations! It was learning of the best kind--comprehensive,
hands-on, and really great fun. I will enjoy referring people to you in the future."
Anne S.

"My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our kayaking lesson with you on Sunday. We were both first timers and had no idea
what to expect. After a quick lesson (on land) of the basics, you got us into the kayaks and on the water . We were then
able to practice our new skills and enjoy kayaking. Once we were comfortable, you taught us the tricks we hope never
to need...righting and getting back into a tipped kayak. As well as ways to safely help someone else do the same.

We are so glad we decided to learn the basics before joining a tour and trying to "wing it". Your class has given us the
confidence we needed. We look forward to joining you on a tour.

For anyone who has never tried the sport and enjoys the water, I would encourage them to take a lesson. It is money
well spent.

Thank you again.
Judy P.

"The class was fantastic!  Although the basic paddling techniques were to be a refresher for me, I found a few bad
habits that I need to purge and clarified  some other areas.  Learning how to get out and back into an Sit-On-Top kayak  
was a valuable lesson that everyone that ever gets into a kayak should experience. Also, the basic rescue techniques
is a must know for everyone. It should be a basic requirement for anyone that will be leading a group or tour.

"My wife has expressed an interest in Kayaking...".  Although she intends to never go near any thing that could cause a
wave and definitely plans to never tip over, I know now that I could take care of both of us, should we end up in the

Thanks for a great class!!"


What a wonderful time we all had in our kayaking lesson.  Three of the 4 of our group were all retired teachers and I just
wanted to tell you what a terrific job of teaching you did.  We were all very comfortable, felt we gained a great deal of
knowledge and most of all had a wonderful time.

I can't wait until I can send my husband and granddaughter out with you for lessons and then all three of us take one of
your tours while she is here visiting from Colorado.

Jacque T- S

"Terry- your class rocked! Thanks for everything..."         Huck F.

"Terry, thank you so much for making me feel better about having my son out on the water in a kayak of his own. Not
only were you thorough and patient, your style of teaching kept my son's interest and it surprised me to see him
laughing and learning at the same time. That takes great teaching skill. Thanks again!      Barb P"

"We just wanted to say thank you again. We had the best time at your kayak lessons and look forward to kayaking with
you again. It was so easy and we will recommend it to anyone and everyone we know. It was totally worth our money.
Thanks again".  

Jacquie and George

"Great class today Terry,  Thank you so much.  I never realized how much there actually was to kayaking.  I learned a
lot and think everyone should take the class.  I enjoyed it tremendously."

Thank you,  Sandie B.

Here are a few comments about the tours....

The kayaking tour was fantastic!  Terry's lessons
were informative and easy to follow.  He took the
time to make certain everyone felt comfortable and
safe during our tour.  Terry's knowledge of the
beautiful natural surroundings enhanced our trip
along the way.  He was very patient and helpful
with our first time kayakers,  even volunteering to
pull a weary kayaker while she regained some
muscle strength.  I was thrilled to be a part of his
tour, and would highly recommend this exciting
experience to all.  Seeing the dolphins swimming
close to us while kayaking was the highlight of my
day.....I will see you again, Terry, and many thanks
for making my vacation in Florida a truly memorable
one!  Happy Kayaking!

Jill S.

"I had a fantastic time kayaking with Terry.  As a beginner, I felt  very comfortable in the kayak and
learned a great deal.   He was an excellent guide and very knowledgeable about  the Florida wildlife
and habitats that encompass this area."

Sandy D.

'It was truly one of the highlights of our trip. Thank you for your gentle easy way and your vast
knowledge and passion of the birds and animals. We loved it.  Hope to see you again soon."
Sherrie and Jeff

"We had a fantastic time paddling the waters in and around Stump Pass. We saw birds, fish, and
dolphins in their natural habitats. Terry had so much background knowledge to add that made our trip
even more interesting. If you want to experience the real Florida, take one of these trips."


"Dear Terry:

Thank you for a wonderful morning of kayaking through the mangrove  tunnels and bird watching.  As a Northern
Illinois kayaker, it was an unexpected pleasure to be able to go kayaking in the warm Florida waters in early April.  I
haven't been out yet in my boat even in a dry suit.  The ice just melted.

The weather was sunny and there was little wind while we were out, but as a kayaker I know how quickly the weather
can change so I appreciate that you maintain the recommended ratio of guide to guests.  The smaller group also
allowed for a little bit of paddling instruction and a lot of talk about our surroundings.   I will be contacting you
whenever I visit my in-laws in Venice to go out in a kayak. Thanks for letting me use your personal boat!"

Joan B.

"Thank you again for a terrific experience Monday morning
at Stump Pass.  Young Joseph had a blast and loved the kayak
you chose for him.  We each enjoyed the location and the
information you shared.  Hope we can do it again.

Wish you a profitable season!

Catherine Y.

"Dear Terry,

We want to thank you for such great service at Stump Pass. I was unable to get more friends together so I
couldn't enlist your services once again. You have so much knowledge and are such a friendly and kind
person, that when we visit Florida again, we will be sure to get on a guided tour. Thank you again for having
such a wonderful service."

Debbie and Christian A.

Hi Terry,

"I am still feeling really great, that trip was all I
wanted out of this vacation, you made my year....

"I am impressed with all your creative solutions.
Meeting experienced paddlers is always great,
but you were an extraordinary find. I wish you
much success in the future and will tell my friends
about you.

Jean T.
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