"Stump Pass Beach State Recreation Area"- No longer recommended
Stump Pass has been one of my favorite areas to tour, however
that has changed: recently 1) the State has decided to replace its
parking for trailers with a food concession truck, leaving no room
for kayakers with trailers.  2) Another commercial vendor who rents
kayaks and paddleboards is now also taking up more parking
spots despite the reduced parking for public. This exploits the use
of the park by a private individual.  The increase of rentals has
resulted in inexperienced paddlers requiring rescue, obstructed other watercraft, and at times
is affecting the wildlife habitat.

I prefer areas with less commercial traffic, and more opportunity to relax, so am
recommending areas closer to Venice, Florida at this time. (
I am also tired of 1) having to tell people
who rent kayaks to stay out of the middle of the channel to avoid getting hit by boats, and 2) of rescuing people who
rented watercraft and capsized due to inexperience).  

I recommend either the Blackburn Point tour, or touring the Jim Neville Preserve rather than
Stump Pass.
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