Tours: when you take our tours, the kayak and equipment are provided for you. All you have
to do is show up and have a good time!

Rentals: I am not renting kayaks currently as I'm usually fully booked with nature tours or
giving kayak lessons. We use high quality equipment and it doesn't pay to have a $200-400
paddle trashed by someone renting a kayak for $30. There are several places to rent in  
Nokomis and Sarasota...just don't get stuck with a low quality kayak. A low quality kayak may
not fit you, is harder to paddle and it is
not a bargain usually.

Try our kayaks: Nigel Dennis Kayaks Romany,  Wilderness Systems (WS) Tempest 165, WS Cape Lookout
155,  P&H Easky 15', WS Tsunami 145, Impex 14' Mystic, WS Tsunami 140,  Tsunami SP (12'),  WS Pungo
120, Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro TW (14' 5"), Perception America (13'),  and several models of two seater
(tandem) kayaks.   Try several  to see what really nice kayaks are like!  Get one that fits YOU!  See reviews of
these kayaks

Group rates (meet-up members, kayak groups renting often, parties): 3 or more kayaks
Singles                $25                                  Tandem                $30

It is necessary to call ahead to reserve a kayak. If we are already booked solid with tours,
there may be no rental kayaks available.

If you want to rent a kayak elsewhere, there are a number of excellent rental shops that can
supply you with a kayak that will fit your needs as far as
your size and weight; your ability to
load and unload the kayak; and
your purpose for getting the kayak (touring, sightseeing,
research, fishing, scuba-diving, etc).
Click on Kayaker Info for a list of recommended shops, or
search the web.
Again: DON'T rent a cheap, low quality kayak to "save" a few may
not fit you, won't be as safe and it
will be harder to paddle. Why not enjoy your paddling?

You will be shown the difference between a recreational kayak and one used for touring; and
will be shown kayaks that you sit ON, or sit IN.
Each and every kayak is different. Don't
bother getting a kayak that "will let you keep up with all those faster paddlers" if
you want to
relax and take it easy.  This is
your life, so get a kayak that suits your purpose. And...a short
CAN keep up at low speeds.

If you are taking a short trip or going fishing,
sit-on-tops are a good choice. If you're offered a
sit-in kayak
with a large cockpit, but very little flotation, find out how you would get the water
out if the kayak were swamped somehow. It's useful to know these things!

If you want some training in kayak basics and safety, let the rental shop know you will be
practicing rescues and will need to learn how to get back
INTO the boat after going
overboard. The shop should be able to provide the right boat for you. (
See me for the

The kayak shop will provide a way for you to carry the kayak safely on your car, and return it
to them. They also provide a paddle, and personal flotation device (PFD) with a whistle, bell
or a required by state law in Florida.

You'll have help unloading and loading the kayak at the sites we use for tours or training. We
look forward to seeing you.
Copyright 2010 by Terry Brawley. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be
copied, reproduced, or used for any purpose without permission from the owner.
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Easy Kayaking:       Rentals
Englewood / Venice / Nokomis / Sarasota, Florida                    (941)-960-5505                                                    
Lessons:Many people who take a lesson already own a kayak and should use it to learn the
various paddle strokes and rescue techniques. If you need a kayak, I usually have one you
can use during the lesson. We'll arrange that
before the lesson.
Kayak eco-tours, meet-ups, fossiling and an
excellent kayak class (basics to rescues)
us on
and see
our event   
 and more    
Myakka River