Auto Repair:   
Harry's Automotive Inc.,  320 Warfield Ave., Venice, Fla.     941-488-6020       

Boats (buying or selling, see these guys!)  (they handle many types of boats)

Island Cheers (in downtown Venice, Fl.)

C.T. Woodcrafting,  304 Warfield Ave. Venice, Fl.,   941-485-9010

Don Fenwick's H&R, Inc.    Venice, Florida      941-468-0059,  941-915-8754

Cleaning, Maintenance, Janitorial: Commercial or Residential
EcoSmart Services Inc., 941-330-6636,   

Computer Repair:
K.T's Computer Services  941-488-9567 / 941-416-1418

Lis Hansen   941-487-7479

Susan Maggio Decorating     941-928-0468    

Dry Cleaning:
Best Dry Cleaning,  941-518-6906,  

Electrician: residential and commercial.   
Dan King, DMK SERVICES, INC.   Cell phone: 941-716-1098

Control Graphics Embroidery 941-483-4600

Face painting/ Party Planning: Sherry Jenkins 941-650-9289 or 941-493-1437

Faux finishing / Murals
Pam Holland Art, Inc.  941-378-5477
Murals and Faux by Nancy Jo   772-770-4154

Fiberglass repair
Angie     941-518-9787

Formica Re-surfacing (Countertops, Cabinets...etc)   Excellent work at fair prices!
Custom Recovering  (call Charley Voss in Port Charlotte, Fl. at 941-716-1175)

Glass supplies (fused and stained), artwork, tools, lessons, etc.
Firebug Designs    941-480-0700

High Performance Tennis: Certified Tennis Instructor Sam Nang Soeur, PTR  
(941)-412-4297   e-mail:

Kirk's Custom Kayaks: High performance kayaks: fast, light, beautiful.  Strip / skin on frame kayaks /
Greenland paddles  
Kirk at 941-416-5562 Venice, Fl.

Life Coaching: (highly recommended)
Bob Reed   phone: 941-204-2845, e-mail:

Lodging in Venice:
Inn at the Beach     725 West Venice Ave., Venice, Fl.     
941-484-8471                                                                                                                                                                          Venice
Beach Villas      1 and 2 bedroom villas    800-542-3404

Ornamental Iron Fences and Gates, Stairways / Welding / Shop Fabrication
Al Cooke,  941-483-0628   Venice, Fl.

Brenda Braden, Venice, Fl.   Cell 941-716-3733

Hank Seward,   Cell: 941-321-8984,  E-mail:

Stained Glass and Sculpture:
Terry Brawley    941-960-5505
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kayak Punta Gorda,
                                      Englewood / Venice / Nokomis / Sarasota, Florida                          (941)-960-5505                                                    
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