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Easy Kayaking:                
                      Venice / Englewood / Sarasota, Florida                                                    (941)-960-5505                                       
Photo by Aaron Leopold
Kayak eco-tours, meet-ups, fossiling and
an excellent kayak class (basics to rescues)
This is my favorite area in Florida. The river remains absolutely clear,
and a cool 72 degrees year round.

This tour takes place within Ichetucknee Springs State Park, and you
are treated to a
pristine setting. Timing is important though as the area
is also known as a perfect area for "tubing" (floating downstream on an
inner tube) for almost 800 people a day during the summer!

We usually paddle the river when there are few people tubing, and we
have the river almost entirely to ourselves. We see more wildlife, and
experience the area at its best. Depending on the park schedule, you'll
either float downstream with us for about 3 1/2 miles and leave the river there to drive back to
the launch area, or wait for us to shuttle you. Most people love the scenery so much they
want to paddle upstream back to the launch. It's worth it.

You'll see hundreds of fish, a large variety of birds, turtles, and may see river otters and other
wildlife. I think this is the best scenery Florida has to offer.  The Park Service here does an
excellent job and it shows!

                         You'll see quite varied habitats:

This is one of the nicest areas I've ever seen, and I return to it over and over. Most people
also choose to make an overnight trip and tour the
Santa Fe River and springs as well as it is
only 9 miles away and unforgettable.  Join me on a very special kayak tour. Directions are at
the bottom of the page.
  Contact Us for details.
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