Easy Kayaking is near HIgh Springs, Florida. We offer a class to
teach the basics of kayaking, intermediate paddling skills and
rescue techniques. Why not try it...
you can kayak!

The lesson raises your ability to handle a kayak by starting with
basics, then moves up gradiently. It's fine if you've never
paddled before.

to increase skill and confidence!

Many people find they like kayaking, find paddling pretty easy, and never think about taking lessons. As a result, most  people
paddle the same way they have for years - even when a few hours of lessons can make your paddling
MUCH easier and more
effective. Learning the basics can increase your confidence and makes paddling even more enjoyable!
You choose: paddling
or paddling smarter?   These lessons aren't expensive - they are effective. As in most activities, lessons DO help.    

I've kayaked for about 15 years, and started this class after rescuing three people in one week several years ago. Each was in
fairly shallow water but couldn't get back in their new sit-on-top. Each
assumed they could get back in easily, but had never tried
it beforehand.  
Few people find it easy to get back in their kayak at first. Learning what to do just makes good sense. Every
kayaker should  be able to control their kayak, re-enter the kayak if capsized and assist another person if needed. That  does
not take very long to learn. You can paddle well, handle capsizes, learn re-entries, and assist someone else within
3 hours!

If you find paddling an effort, or wonder about your strength...relax. Kayaking
isn't just about the strength of your arms. It's a
core activity. We teach you how to sit and balance correctly, to use the proper muscle combinations to paddle easily and
effectively, teach you paddling techniques and more. This
IS a case where a little training can make a better paddler, prevent
soreness, and advance your skills quickly. In a
small class, you'll practice each technique, get wet, learn each step, and become
more competent. Confidence follows that, and you'll enjoy your kayaking even more.  

The best investment any kayaker can make is:
A)  improving  their skills as a paddler,
                       B)  only
then improving their equipment.

A short class has been put together to handle all the above. It increases confidence, can save lives, and lets people enjoy their
trips more. It is a bit of work, but is also fun and puts you in much better control of your kayak outings

These steps can be done if practiced, and let you confidently kayak in  normal conditions. This session is for beginners and  
intermediate paddlers who want to improve their basic skills in moderate conditions. The class is not for advanced paddlers.

You will learn:
- how to carry, load and unload a kayak, and how to secure it so it's safe to drive with it on the highway;

- the differences between a kayak you sit in or one you sit-on-top of;

- how to enter and exit your kayak when launching or landing;

- how to hold the paddle and use it to get the most out of your trips;
(forward stroke, stopping, backing-up, turns (sweeps), bracing and draw strokes)

- what equipment and accessories you'll need, and how to use them;

- how to capsize safely, doing a "wet-exit", keeping the kayak and paddle;

- how to turn your
kayak right-side up
if it has flipped,

-and how to empty
the water out of
your kayak as quickly
as possible;

- how to get back in your kayak if you overturn...we will practice several methods so you know what
YOU can do to get back in.
Don't wait until you go overboard to learn! (the techniques: "scramble", ladder, paddle float re-entry,  uses of a rescue sling)

- How to use your  paddle to "brace", and prevent your kayak from tipping over;

- How  to assist another person if needed;
(assisted re-entry and T-rescue)

- How weather and tides affect your kayaking.

That's a lot to learn but I teach all this because knowing the above lets you paddle well, to kayak safely, and to help others. We
don't short change you on these lessons. This class teaches more than any other classes in the area, and at a lower price.

This session covers sit-IN and sit-ON-TOP kayaks and is a good way to see the advantages of each.  
 If you have your own kayak,  
BRING IT. It is best if you practice with the kayak you normally paddle as there is no better way to learn how to use it. If you don't
have a kayak, you can arrange ahead of time to use one of mine, or turn to the
Rentals page. The Kayaker Info page lists some
shops I recommend. Pick a shop
you trust. If you are renting...please get a kayak that's high quality. Cheap ones are no bargain.

The lesson is usually delivered to groups of 3-8 people. You'll get personal attention, and work with another person to help one
another through the steps.  Be prepared to work hard, learn a lot, and have fun too! Some steps require a little effort but a
lesson and some practice really do help, and you may be surprised at how confident you feel afterwards. And you'll make some

You'll enjoy things more if you bring some sunscreen; a hat with a brim; sunglasses / eyeglass strap; water to drink; and clothes
and shoes that can get wet. I'll loan you a water-resistant box or bag to help protect your cell phone and other valuables.

The cost is $50.00 per person as part of a group of 3- 8 people. It's worth it and you'll save a lot of time and effort by learning the
techniques. Please call if you're interested as you may be able to join in with several other people wanting to make up a group.
Private lessons for 1-2 persons are $65 per person for the entire 3 hour session. Recently several people have commented
they do not want to learn rescues while the water is cold.  Start
now with the basics and join a later class to complete learning
these rescues when it's warmer.  

I'd  thought about making two classes (basics / rescues) but can keep the prices lower for you teaching it all the above points as
one class.  I will offer a separate class to teach only wet-exits, towing, more types of re-entries and assists in rougher
conditions, but that will be down the road a few months. This first class is the one to take for the most benefit.

Classes can be delivered any day of the week so call if you're interested. Nokomis, Lido Key, Sarasota Bay, Stump Pass, Crystal
River, Santa Fe, or other sites may be used if the majority of the group live near those areas. Some lessons can be held at
must be made in advance. Yes, it is very easy to call ahead to make arrangements.

Prices may vary a bit if the trip is more than 50 miles away, (to cover gas), but will always be worth the amount charged. Many
shops teach 2-3 classes to slowly cover the material, and you'd be charged three to five times as much to learn these
techniques. I find most people can learn the data in 3 hours and then improve with practice.
These techniques are not rocket
science, but are very important if you kayak
.  A short class can show you how to kayak safely, and will increase your competence
and confidence.

All lessons are taught by an experienced kayaker who is Red Cross trained in first aid and CPR, a good teacher, friendly, and will
work with you until you know and can do the techniques.

You can see comments about the class from some students at the
Testimonials page.

Please read the
Terms page before reserving your spot. A  Waiver of Liability form will be filled out before starting the kayaking
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Easy Kayaking:       Lessons
Learn the basics of kayaking and improve your safety skills
Copyright 2010 by Terry Brawley. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be copied,
reproduced, or used for any purpose without permission from the owner.
Kayak eco-tours,
meet-ups, fossiling and

an excellent kayak class
(basics to rescues)
area is at 10 AM , June 25th.